I started this endeavor mostly for self-preservation.

     You see, I have always been an "URBAN HERMIT." I have always had all my needs filled by the love of my life. With her I needed nothing or anyone else. After 50+ years together, unfortunately, she was killed by COVID-19 mismanagement in November 2020. After many, many dark months I decided that a project was needed.
      I have been told many times that I am "clever" or "witty" but in fact more often than not I was called a "smart ass". My twisted mind has always leaned toward the obscene (having spent time in the Military) and a means of expressing this tendency (other than the obvious shouting and finger gestures) has eluded me.
     Then, EUREKA! Using the underside of a t shirt's front "tail" was an inspiration.
                                   So is born "OBSCENE TAILS."

     The word play of the name and the ability, as in real life, to have an obscene statement literally at your fingertips, was all I needed to get motivated! At last, my dark and twisted sense of humor has an acceptable public outlet.

So I'm not sure if this is therapy for me or revenge on Society, either way you                                      get an interesting t shirt.